Backyard Synthetic Putting Greens

No Mowing - No Fertilizing - No Watering - No Chemicals

At Houston Landscape Images, we custom design  and install the most affordable and advance synthetic putting greens available in the market today, and with  the addition of components such as chipping pads and sand bunkers, our golf greens allow you to work on all aspects of your short game, not just putting.

Whether you are serious about improving your game or are looking to enhance your landscape design, Houston Landscape Images is your answer.


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Just Imagine - Your Own Putting Green

Just imagine… walking out your back door onto your very own putting green. You no longer need to spend half a day or more going to the course when you want to feel a club in your hands for a few minutes. Now you can just walk outside and you're there. Unwind for a few minutes in the evenings on your private putting green, or take a break from weekend chores. Keep in touch with your feel during the winter, or sharpen your skills during the summer. There's no limit to the benefits of your own backyard putting green.

Just imagine… the countless hours of fun spent with family and friends. You can create a backyard paradise that everyone will enjoy. Your backyard putting green isn't just for practice. You can actually play golf! Chipping and putting contests, little games and matches, endless entertainment for you, your family, and your friends. And what better way to introduce the kids to the game than with their very own putting green?

Just imagine… how beautiful your yard could be. A backyard putting green is a beautiful addition to your home. It's not just some artificial turf thrown out in the yard. It's serious landscaping. It's an undulating, manicured, flowing design that we incorporate into your existing or planned landscape. And it's difficult to distinguish the feel of our turf from real grass, either from an aesthetic or a performance point of view. We're proud of our putting greens, and you will be, too. So take a look around and browse this site. See how you can benefit from having your own personal putting green. What do you have to lose - except maybe a few strokes off your handicap? Click here to see the most popular sizes and shapes

Our greens are made with a highly durable, ultraviolet treated polypropylene fiber and designed to withstand the damaging effects of nature. Our greens are designed to have the exact same characteristics of a natural green, however, there are several differences that give our greens an advantage. Check out the chart below, it shows why owning synthetic putting green is a far better solution than having natural grass.

Affordable - highest quality, lowest cost … guaranteed!
No maintenance - no need for fertilizers, watering or mowing.
Easy installation - designed for self-installation with a simple base preparation.
Weather resistant - holds up in rain, snow, ice and direct sunlight.
Can be used all year - not reliant on a growth season.
Increase value of your home - looks great in any landscape.
Warranty protection - 4 year workmanship and 4 year no-fade warranties.

Unlike the turf found at a local miniature golf establishment, the turf we install is specifically designed for simulating a natural grass putting surface. Our greens have the same ball rolling and ball holding characteristics of a country club green. In fact, the installation process of our synthetic turf green is similar to the installation of a natural grass green. During this process sand is spread across the top of the turf, then brushed in with a broom to get between the turf fibers. Once the sand is in place, it will cause the fibers of the turf to stand straight up or vertical. When you stroke the ball, it will roll on the tips of the fibers making for a true roll to the cup.

The sand also controls the speed of the green. The more sand we add the faster the green. The less sand we have the slower the green. When we install your All Pro green it will register a 9 to 10 on a USGA stimp meter.

For more information please contact us at  (832) 545-9435 or go to our online request form.

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