Detailed Installation


DESIGN LOGO1.    Before we install an irrigation system we start by
marking all the utilities to prevent an unexpected
service outage during the installation.

2.    All sprinkler heads are adequately placed away
from the concrete/grass borders to prevent any
damages while edging your lawn.

3.    To assure that the proper design pressure is
achieved we measure the working pressure at
each spray head while it is turned on.

4.    As required by the law we provide the customer
with the design
drawing upon completion of the
installation this serves as a helpful tool when future
repairs or additions become necessary.

5.    All turf heads are installed flushed with the soil so that they will not be noticed when the sprinkler operation stops.


6.    We use flexible PVC piping or swing joints in all heads located along driveways to minimize the chance of damages caused by vehicles driving over it.



7.    All our installations come with the added convenience of the SRR remote control hookup that allows us to perform repairs and services to the system even when you are not home. There is no need to leave the garage door open or take time from work to let the technician in.


8.    Rain Sensors are also a standard feature in all our irrigation systems, we emphasize and design our irrigation systems in a way that it will promote the conservation of water one of the most important natural  resources. The rain sensor will automatically interrupt the watering cycle when it rains and will automatically return the watering cycle when the water  in the collector pan evaporates.

For more information please contact us at (281) 340-9206 or go to our online request form.

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